Fresh Coffee

  • Robert Harris

    Robert Harris was the pioneer of fresh coffee in New Zealand. Something of a perfectionist, he dedicated the next 26 years to developing the ideal cup of coffee for New Zealanders, before launching the Robert Harris brand in 1952.

    By offering the perfect combination of coffee, food and hospitality, Robert Harris cafes are a home away from home. Our baristas are trained in the art of espresso and good conversation, there’s a delicious range of meals and snacks baked fresh in the café every day, and the environment has been carefully designed to help customers relax.
  • Toby's Estate

    Master Roaster Toby Smith established Toby’s Estate in 1998, and since that time has assembled a team with a passion for all things coffee, tea and chocolate.

    Toby and his team select only the most distinctive high altitude Arabica coffees from around the globe. The striking flavours and aromas of these beans are the products of the micro climates in which they grow. Toby’s Estate has worked hard to be known as one of Australia’s leading specialty coffee roasters with a reputation for sourcing and roasting the best coffees in the world. We are committed to ensuring our growers receive fair prices for their products, and we promote and reward sustainable practice at every step from the plantation to the cup.
  • Mocopan

    With a pedigree that reaches back more than fifty years, Mocopan is nothing short of the real deal. Their accumulated knowledge of the world's finest coffee growing regions is vast. A commitment to quality and freshness has earned Mocopan a strong reputation with leading Australian baristas, café owners and thousands of discerning coffee lovers.
  • Bruno Rossi

    Inspired by Italy’s love affair with espresso, Bruno Rossi features a range of blends that are tailored to suit the Australian & New Zealand coffee market.

    The Bruno Rossi blends are made from carefully selected coffee beans delicately roasted and blended by our master roaster to deliver the full body and flavour that discerning coffee drinks enjoy.
  • Atomic Coffee Roasters

    Located in Auckland's emerging 'new cool' that is Kingsland, Atomic Coffee Roasters has long been supplying locals with their daily coffee fix. Established in 1992, Atomic is one of Auckland's espresso pioneers.

    It's Atomic Coffee Roaster's belief that a great coffee is the ultimate expression of all the hands that have made it. From the farmer who nurtures that plants, the roaster who develops the flavour, to the barista who extracts it. This is why Atomic is committed to supplying only 100% Fair trade coffee, and organic coffee.
  • Caffe Laffare

    Caffe L'affare is one of the most recognised fresh coffee brands in New Zealand. The distinctive packaging features Enzo, a stylish retro character. He's a snappy dresser and a man of the world who clearly enjoys life. Every pack illustrates the international flavours of coffee with Enzo enjoying a gentle samba in Brazil, exploring the Colombian jungle or on safari in Kenya. Enzo conveys the essence of the Caffe L'affare brand.