• Saxa

    In ancient times, salt was scarce. The discovery of its ability to preserve food and enhance natural flavours made it the centre of high-value trade and even wars. By the time SAXA began in Australia it was 1911, and the salt business was a lot more civilised. SAXA quickly earned the reputation for reliable quality in the kitchens and dining rooms of the nation. Since those early days, the SAXA brand has stayed in tune with Australian lifestyles by offering increasingly relevant and flavoursome products.

    Taste, texture and purity have kept SAXA at the forefront of the salt market in Australia for almost a century. Whether they're baking, adding the essentials to fish and chips or seasoning a gourmet meal, the salt that Australians prefer is SAXA.
  • Cerebos

    Cerebos is an iconic New Zealand brand that kiwis know and love and is famously known for the image of the boy chasing the chicken which remains widely recognised today. Our salt is harvested right here in our backyard from the salt fields in sunny Marlborough where we produce a range of salt products for all cooking and baking occasions.
  • Gregg's

    Open the pantry in any New Zealand household and you're sure to find Gregg's products. Our instant coffees, herbs and spices, desserts, jellies and sauces have been trusted favourites on the country's weekly shopping lists for generations.

    Since 1861, Gregg’s has anticipated the changing tastes and lifestyles of New Zealanders to bring great new flavours and time-saving innovations to households throughout the country. For generations, the brand has helped bring people together to enjoy the simple things in life over a meal or a cup of coffee.