About Cerebos - Aspiration 2020

Our Business

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Cerebos is a leading company with its corporate headquarters in Singapore and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Suntory Holdings Limited

In Asia, the Health Supplement Division manages BRAND'S® liquid and tablet product ranges for consumers' health and wellness needs. In Australasia, the Food & Coffee Division manages products including gravies, sauces, coffee and cooking aids marketed under established brand names including Gravox®, Fountain®, Robert Harris®, Mocopan®, Toby's Estate®, Caffe L'affare® and Gregg's®. 

The success of a company comes from a clear vision – a result of decisions, plans, communications and actions undertaken with a distinct and powerful picture of our preferred future in mind. We believe that it is only by creating value for our employees, our customers and our stakeholders, that we can become a leading food and health supplements enterprise in the Asia Pacific region. Only then can our corporate vision of a value-creating company, predicated upon our critical success factors and beliefs, become a lasting reality.

Cerebos’ proven sustainable growth capabilities and disciplined execution have resulted in consistent performance for the past decade. Reaching the first billion dollar turnover mark in 2010 also marks the first stride in our vision of becoming a “Best Practice Company”. In Aspiration 2020, our long-term goal is to see Cerebos grow to a two billion dollar company by 2020, with the same drive for dynamic, sustainable growth to withstand every economic shock and challenge.

We have likened our 10-year journey to an expedition attempting the ascent of Mt. Everest, a metaphor for the pinnacle of success. Scaling it successfully entails careful planning, great fortitude, determination and endurance. It is a lofty goal but we are confident it is a goal we can reach because we have a winning strategy that has brought us through rough economic conditions with increased sales and profits, time after time.

The roadmap is already in place to help us reach the next and successive peaks and then eventually the summit. We will become more competitive, increase sales, develop new markets and become more efficient.

We will commit the necessary resources towards assuring that our strategic priorities of Product Innovation, Customer Intimacy and Scientific Research are met. We have also taken action towards achieving best practice in the 6 areas namely: Innovation and New Product Development, Human Resources, Digital Marketing, Speed of Expansion into New Markets, Value Chain Management and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our overall corporate performance continues to reflect Cerebos’ capacity for making significant investments to ensure future sources of growth. We believe that the competitive advantages we have harnessed through our consumer-centric products, geographic spread, value chain capabilities and the gallant efforts of our people will stand us in good stead to scale further heights. The Cerebos success story is only just beginning to unfold. Our aspiration is for great things to come, to the advantage of all stakeholders.