Cerebos Code of Ethics

Apart from our products' strong credibility and international quality standards, our sterling financial track record and our sound core competencies, there is one extremely crucial business standard that has helped us to remain at the forefront of business standing - that is our commitment to adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards at all times.

We have always conducted our business based on a clear dedication to integrity and transparency. We recognised very early on that companies would be judged not purely on their financial performance alone. That recognition has prompted us to create certain support mechanisms to make sure that our strong reputation not only remains untarnished but also strengthens it further.

The Cerebos Code of Ethics is the formal mechanism that we have developed to make an unequivocal and public commitment to what we believe in. In it we have set out Cerebos' six core ethical principles namely: Integrity, Transparency, Social Responsibility, Fairness, Respect for Diversity and Trust. 

The Code of Ethics contains practical guidelines for all employees of Cerebos Pacific Limited including its subsidiaries and provides direction on the ethical behaviour that we expect of our people.

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