CSR Philosophy


Good Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a fundamental business principle for Cerebos. It reflects our efforts to achieve sustainable outcomes by committing to good business practices and standards and our belief that branding and reputation are enhanced by good CSR practices. Value creation for all stakeholders, with an eye on the communities where we operate, is now an integral part of our business strategy.

Cerebos believes that a viable business model includes CSR, which helps to shape business strategy instead of having CSR as a separate portion or afterthought. We believe that CSR helps in the building of stakeholder value, reputation enhancement, sustainable development and business excellence at work and thus should not be detached from the business. It is our firm belief that a viable business model includes CSR which will ultimately lead to a sustainable and successful business.

Cerebos has integrated the CSR concept of the “triple bottom line” into our business principle. This encompasses social value (charity and community involvement including employee welfare and volunteerism), environmental value (best practices and investments in enviro-friendly practices), and economic value (bottom line).

We have already taken the first steps in our aspiration to become a “Best Practice” company in the Asia Pacific by making strategic investments that will improve Cerebos’ environmental, social and governance performance over the coming decade. The benefits will be incremental but eventually also synergistic and will build an enduring business with sustainable returns.

Overall and across all our subsidiaries, Cerebos continues to receive commendations and encouragement from government ministries and welfare organizations acknowledging our good efforts in CSR. We intend to invest further in a sustainable future for all our stakeholders and aim to grow with the communities where we operate.