Cerebos believes in having an engaged staff and an engaged community. Our people are an important cornerstone as Cerebos takes on the 10-year transformation to becoming a leading practice company in the Asia Pacific. We support initiatives that promote community partnership, employee wellness, education and volunteerism.

In addition we have implemented a ‘Grow From Within’ initiative that will enable us to build up high potential staff to become leaders in the company. This integrated talent management framework aims to develop and grow our talent from within the ranks of the existing staff.

Many key leadership development programmes are run for staff. Staff morale is maintained through Fair Employment Practices such as hiring based on meritocracy and providing fair wages that are benchmarked against similar positions in the industry.

Cerebos is committed to engaging employees through effective and innovative work-life programmes, tied to health and fitness in order to continue increasing productivity and performance. We believe that a workforce that is physically and mentally primed will perform at its best. Support for employees in achieving excellent work-life integration and harmony has thus been a key focus and an important strategy.

Community Support & Partnership

Cerebos continually engage with and does its part to support the needs of local communities through many programmes that provide financial support, including donation of products and fundraising. These include contributions to the Red Cross Society, The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund and Habitat for Humanity (HFH)

As a strong supporter of HFH, Cerebos not only provides financial support, but also sends employees to Ethiopia for 3 weeks annually to participate in the house build.

One of the longest standing activities is the BRAND’S® Summer Camp which has been held for 24 years, helping nearly 30,000 Thai students annually to prepare for their university entrance examinations.

In Singapore, the Quality Work-Life Committee organizes activities throughout the year for employees and encourages healthy lifestyles amongst staff. Employee wellness is also linked to charitable contributions by Cerebos, thus reinforcing the company’s strong support for community activities and creating opportunities for employees to do their part for the community. 

Employee Growth & Development

Cerebos received a Leading HR Practices Award in the area of CSR by the Singapore Human Resource Institute. To realize our aspiration and continue strengthening our fundamentals, it is important to establish an integrated human resource talent management strategy and grow our talent from within.

We are also concerned with adding value and improving the mental well-being of our employees, helping to develop them both on a professional and personal level. This is achieved through the wide range of Learning & Development courses, as well as annual performance appraisals, which allows them to attain new skills and contribute back to society.

Staff morale is enhanced by continual engagement including regular dialogue sessions with senior management as well as a twice-yearly ‘town hall’ meeting known as the Management & Staff Rally.

Anti-Corruption Practices

In considering our social environment in which we operate, Cerebos not only partners with social organizations in giving back to the community, we also look into the welfare of our employees by creating a safe and beneficial environment for them to work in. We have anti-corruption policies in place that ensures a secure working environment. Every new staff is informed of Cerebos’ whistle-blowing policy during their orientation as well.