Cerebos ensures that our employees are aware of the importance of CSR and sustainability. Our factory operations adhere to ISO 14001 environmental standards and we continuously look for ways to minimize our impact on the environment.

In Australia, we continue to be committed to saving water to reduce our usage and increase recycling of this limited resource. As a signatory to the National Packaging Covenant (NPC) since 2000, we remain committed to reducing packaging waste and have not overlooked the fact that our packaging has an impact on the environment. We constantly work with suppliers, partners and employees to roll out new initiatives to further reduce packaging waste.

In New Zealand, we are developing a new environmental programme to reduce environmental impact of packaging. A new Packaging Stewardship Scheme was launched in 2010, with the aim of reducing packaging waste, increase recycled content in packaging and increase consumer awareness and understanding of sustainable packaging.

Our factories in Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan also observe several ISO environmental and safety standards that see reductions in electricity, steam and water consumption. The two newest factories in Thailand and Malaysia are also uniquely designed to be process and energy efficient as well as geared for waste minimisation. 

Staff Awareness & Education

We also recognised the importance of educating office staff as well. In Singapore, an educational trip to Pulau Semakau was organized as part of the continuous education of the recycling initiatives we have in the office and to continue raising awareness on the need for the individual to do their part for the environment through small but significant actions. In Taiwan, the Green Finger Programme was initiated to educate employees on the ease of doing their part for the environment - as easily as simply lifting one finger. 

Global Reporting Initiative

We have also adopted the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and have dedicated the past year to the selection of relevant indicators for the Cerebos Group. We are currently in the midst of compiling the statistics according to the selected indicators in preparation of our 1st Sustainability Report.

While Cerebos remains committed to good environmental management, we recognize that more can be done and we will persevere.