Houses 3 laboratories and 2 Research Centres under 1 roof for better synergy

Cerebos Boosts Scientific and Quality Assurance Capabilities with New Laboratory & Research Centre @ Biopolis

15 Feb 2012

Cerebos Pacific Limited today announced the opening of its new laboratory and research centre at Biopolis Synapse building which will consolidate its 3 laboratories and 2 research centres formerly separately located in Science Park.

The 23,350 square foot centre at Biopolis (about the size of 5 NBA basketball courts) combines BRAND’S® Regional Research & Development, BRAND’S® Regional Operations (Quality Assurance) and Cerebos Group Quality Assurance under 1 roof. The new centre also incorporates the BRAND’S® Health Science Centre as well as the BRAND’S® Brain Research Centre, dedicated to the study of the brain as the centre of cognition and controlling region for total body health. It will be staffed by over 40 scientists and technicians and represents an investment of over S$7 million dollars.

President & Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Eiji Koike, said, “I’m delighted to have all our laboratories housed under 1 roof which will allow us to have better facilities and capabilities to conduct biomedical, cellular and clinical tests as well as quality assurance tests for our products.

With the establishment of this new scientific center, we will not only be able to react faster to the latest trends of the market, more importantly we will also have the advanced capacity to develop trend-setting innovative health supplement products ahead of consumer demand.

Cerebos is committed to investing in scientific know-how and capabilities to ensure that our products are evidence-based and that the efficacies of our products are not by chance, but by design.”

One good example is the recent development where our scientists were able to isolate a hitherto unheralded peptide - ProBeptigen® - which has solved the mystery of how the active compounds within BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken work to positively impact performance in the brain. It is now understood that ProBeptigen® holds the key to learning motivation by overcoming the effects of stress thus aiding memory, mental sharpness and concentration.

Cerebos’ decision to locate its laboratory and research centre in Biopolis was based on the dedicated nature of the venue – a global hub for biomedical, life-sciences research and development activities. Its strategic location amongst the private and public scientific community will help boost scientific creativity and collaboration.