Cerebos Raises Record $275,000 In Its 12th Year Supporting The ST School Pocket Money Fund

08 Dec 2012

Singapore, 8th December 2012… Cerebos Pacific Limited staff raised a record amount of $275,261.60 for The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (STSPMF) through their participation in the Cerebos Work-life & Wellness activities in 2012. This is 8.67% higher than the funds raised in 2011 and the largest amount ever raised by Cerebos since adopting the STSPMF as a corporate charity in 2000, where $10,000 was donated. Over the course of the 12 years, Cerebos has raised a total of more than $1.7million for the Fund through staff efforts.

President & Group Chief Executive Officer of Cerebos Mr. Eiji Koike presented the cheque to Ms. Martina Wong, General Manager of STSPMF, at the company’s annual Dinner & Dance. This event has become an annual rallying call to all Cerebos staff.

“Although the Fund has received full charity status this year, it does not receive any special or additional funding. This means the Fund still needs to raise around $5 million annually for more than 10,000 children, to cover the costs of their meals in school and their schooling needs. I’m pleased that our Cerebos staff are armed with team spirit, compassion and participated enthusiastically in our Wellness activities throughout the year whilst keeping in mind the less fortunate children. Our staff do recognise that regardless of the economic situation, the Fund still needs help from donors to support more families and children that have come forward to seek aid,” said Mr. Eiji Koike.

Cerebos Pacific Limited was one of the first corporate supporters of the STSPMF in 2000 and has since adopted the Fund as its corporate charity. It has been strongly supporting the Fund as part of Cerebos’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), through various innovative means. The donations were raised through the integration of charity points into the Cerebos Work-life programme. Weekly, monthly and annual activities have been planned for staff throughout the year. Attendance and participation in sports, fitness and work-life activities will earn each staff 1 Charity Point. Cerebos then converts each Charity Point into a $5 donation to STSPMF. More than $37,000 was raised through staff’s participation in sports, fitness and work-life activities. For staff participation in the Singapore marathon, Cerebos donates $100 for every kilometre completed.

Mr. Koike said, “Apart from weekly and monthly activities, donations were also raised through 2 main events - Cerebos Charity Sales and the Singapore Marathon. The Cerebos Charity Sales 2012 saw an impressive $80,758.60 raised. The amount was collected from the 2-day sales of BRAND’S® products and through corporate sales. All proceeds (including cost of the products) were donated to the Fund. While Cerebos is thankful to its staff for volunteering their help at the sales, more importantly, the company appreciates the support from its customers in making the Cerebos Charity Sales a huge success. Apart from the Charity Sales, 84 Cerebos staff ran various distances at the Singapore Marathon last weekend and raised $115,455 for the Fund!

Supporting employees to attain work-life harmony has always been an important focus of Cerebos. We believe that employees are our most valuable assets and a workforce that is both physically and mentally healthy is able to weather any storm and contribute fully towards the success of the company and community. I’m very happy to see that our staff are continuing to do their part for charity, as well as for their health.”

Cerebos will also continue to strongly support the STSPMF at this year’s ChildAid Concert as a Platinum Sponsor. $100,000 from the total donated amount will be pledged to the ChildAid Concert in the conviction that through our continued support, students will be able to continue their education and eventually develop their talent to full potential.