Young Singaporean doctor’s mission of courage, conviction and compassion reflects the essence of Cerebos’ Aspiration 2020

Everest as the Epitome Of a Corporate Vision

07 Mar 2012

Singapore, 7 March, 2012 – Cerebos Pacific Limited celebrates its 11th consecutive year of profitable growth, billion-dollar turnover and robust community contributions in the areas of children’s education and healthcare with an ambitious roadmap for the next 10 years. Known as Aspiration 2020, Cerebos aims to become a 2 billion dollar company by 2020 with an exemplary approach to Corporate Social Responsibility and other business practices. Likening this journey of fortitude, determination and endurance to an ultimate mountaineering expedition, Cerebos is proud to announce the sponsorship of the Climb Everest 2012 Expedition, an initiative by Dr Kumaran Rasappan, a Singaporean doctor on a medical and mountaineering mission: to scale the summit of Mount Everest and contribute medically to the native Nepalese. Through fans’ engagement on its ‘Blur or Not” Facebook Page, Cerebos aims to donate up to S$10,000 toward creating education possibilities for the children of Gorkha Village, thus bringing the company’s contribution in children’s education to greater heights. 

“Aspiration 2020 may be long and arduous, but it is a journey I have likened to the ascent of Mt. Everest. It will be exciting and fulfilling for everyone working in Cerebos. We are pleased to support the Climb Everest 2012 Expedition and I’m sure all Cerebos staff will be inspired and motivated by Dr. Rasappan’s determination to scale greater heights,” said Mr Eiji Koike, President and Group CEO of Cerebos Pacific Limited.

Dr Rasappan has taken a year off from work to fulfill his childhood dream of scaling Mount Everest and revisiting the remote villages that inspired him to become a doctor. As a 13-year old schoolboy then he joined the pioneering batch of Singaporean students performing an overseas community service at a remote Gorkha village in Nepal. Like most Singaporean teenagers who grew up without worries for basic necessities and comfort, the exposure opened up his eyes and heart. He noticed despite the austerity or perhaps because of it, the children there learned to transform recyclables into colourful and fun toys. The positive spirit of the children in the village set against the backdrop of the spectacular Mount Everest made him realize that everything in life is surmountable. That realization inspired him to many achievements, including becoming a doctor.

As many of the remote villages in the Everest region do not have a resident doctor, Dr Rasappan will be setting up a medical clinic at Phortse Village to conduct training on general medical treatment for the nurses from surrounding villages. He will also provide free medical services and consultation to the villagers, especially the children. Phortse Village is home to many sherpas who have been serving the needs of climbers around the world attempting Mount Everest. The medical training will ensure the sustainability of basic health care service for the villagers as well as the climbers. After a month of service, Dr Rasappan will commence on his ascent of Mount Everest. Following which, he will be visiting the school children at the Gorkha Village which inspired him many years ago. There, he will channel the donation money from Cerebos towards enhancing the children’s education, creating for them a possibility of a brighter future. To engage its consumers on this exciting and inspiring adventure, Cerebos will be tracking Dr Rasappan’s expedition on its ‘Blur or Not’ Facebook Page. Consumers can play their part to help the children by spreading the word to Liking the Page and Cerebos will donate up to S$10,000 to the worthy cause.

Mount Everest with its extreme altitude and incredible hazards demands its climbers to be in tip-top condition both mentally and physically. Cerebos is confident that its flagship product, BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken with over 175 years of heritage and 30 scientific research papers proving its efficacies will provide the crucial boost to help him cope with the physical and mental duress of climbing Mount Everest. The company will supply powdered form of BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken to fuel Dr Rasappan’s Climb Everest 2012 Expedition. The exciting expedition has also gained the support and facilitation of Mr. M. N. Swami, the Honorary Consul General of Nepal in Singapore.

This marks the second time Cerebos is sponsoring a Mount Everest expedition by a Singaporean. The company previously backed the expedition of the world-renowned adventurer and Guinness World Record Holder Mr Khoo Swee Chiow. In a narrative that comes full circle, Mr Khoo happens to be the mentor to Dr Rasappan.


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