Embodies Cerebos Growth Aspirations for 2020


03 Jun 2012

The Cerebos flag flew high on the summit of Mount Everest carried aloft by the only Singaporean to scale the world’s highest peak to date this year. Cerebos is the title sponsor of the Climb Everest 2012 Expedition, an initiative by Dr. Kumaran Rasappan, a Singaporean doctor on a medical and mountaineering mission to scale the summit of Mount Everest and contribute medically to the native Nepalese.

Dr. Kumaran successfully summited Mount Everest on 26 May 2012 at 0655 hours Singapore time after a series of bad weather conditions delayed his initial ascent by almost one and a half weeks. Dr. Kumaran said, “It took tremendous effort and determination to scale Mount Everest and although the climb is getting more commercialized every year, I would totally disagree with anyone who says that getting to the top is any much easier. I was exhausted by the effort but exhilarated by the view from atop the earth’s pinnacle. It has been a dream come true for me and I have to thank my sponsors, especially Cerebos, my family and TTSH for their support and faith in me.”

Prior to his ascent, Dr. Kumaran spent a month setting up a medical clinic at Phortse Village (home to the famous Sherpas, the extreme altitude guides and porters who support the Mt. Everest expeditions) to conduct training on general medical treatment for the village nurse. He also provided free medical services and consultation to the villagers, especially the children. Dr. Kumaran saw more than 150 patients during his stint at the village, an amazing feat when the population of Phortse is only 400.

The Climb Everest 2012 Expedition exemplifies Cerebos’ Aspiration 2020, an ambitious 10-year roadmap for the company’s aim to become a successful and sustainable organization by the year 2020 through exemplary ‘Best Practice’ approaches to Corporate Social Responsibility and other business areas. Likethis journey of fortitude, determination and endurance to the ultimate mountaineering quest, Mr. Eiji Koike, President & Group CEO, of Cerebos Pacific Limited, said: “Aspiration 2020 may turn out to be long and arduous, but it is a journey I have likened to the ascent of Mt. Everest. It will be exciting and fulfilling for everyone working in Cerebos including our stakeholders. We are extremely pleased that Dr. Kumaran has successfully achieved his personal aspiration to conquer Mount Everest and congratulate him on this amazing feat. I hope all Cerebos staff will be inspired and motivated by Dr. Kumaran’s determination to ascend to great heights.”

Immediately following his successful summit, Dr. Kumaran visited the children at Gorkha Village’s Saras Woti Secondary School. There he presented donations of computers from Cerebos towards the school’s computer studies programme. Dr. Kumaran first visited the village school as a teenage boy and the experience opened his eyes and heart to the plight of the school and the challenges it faced in providing a good education for the Gorkha children. Cerebos’ donation of S$10,000, made possible with the support of its fans through an engagement on BRAND’S® “Blur or Not” Facebook page, will go a long way in raising the children’s education to greater heights. Cerebos also provided its flagship product, BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken, to help provide Dr. Kumaran the crucial boost in coping with the physical and mental duress of climbing the world’s highest mountain and sustain Dr. Kumaran’s immunity during his Climb Everest 2012 Expedition.

Cerebos congratulates Dr. Kumaran on his successful quest and is proud to have been the title sponsor of his quest.

For more information about Phortse Village and the school in Gorkha, please refer to: http://climbeverest2012.wordpress.com/for-charity/