Growing Our People

Our People

Growing Our People

Our employees are our Ambassadors! They stand for a contemporary, innovative and trusted company that grows with the community. They project our brands and reach out to people so that they can enjoy their lifestyles. Their passion and drive for excellence will excite our customers. They deliver results.

Employees are undoubtedly the prime force in Cerebos’ success. We will continue to attract, develop, motivate and retain quality employees, and build an engaged, efficient and effective workforce as Cerebos takes on the 10-year transformation to becoming a leading practice company in the Asia Pacific.

To realize our aspiration and continue strengthening our fundamentals, Cerebos has established an integrated talent management framework to develop and grow our talent from within.

Many key leadership development programmes are run for staff. Staff morale is maintained through Fair Employment Practices such as hiring based on meritocracy and providing fair wages that are benchmarked against similar positions in the industry.

Staff motivation is enhanced by continual engagement including regular dialogue sessions with senior management as well as a twice-yearly ‘town hall’ meeting known as the Management & Staff Rally.

Providing Quality Work-Life

Cerebos believes in providing meaningful employment and helping employees to live life to the fullest. We want to ensure that our employees build the passion and stamina to journey together to reach our highest aspirations and goals. Weaving their welfare and career together helps employees to attain a quality work-life – resulting in the ideal workplace.

Value creation for our employees is a key strategy. We believe quality work-life is about fostering a supportive and healthy working environment that will enable our employees to better manage and balance their professional and personal responsibilities. This in turn helps to strengthen loyalty, performance and productivity amongst employees.  Creating value for employees ultimately creates value for the company and eventually the community.

Cerebos has committed to engaging employees through effective and innovative work-life programmes, tied to health and fitness in order to continue increasing productivity and performance. We believe that a workforce that is physically and mentally primed will perform at its best. Support for employees in achieving excellent work-life integration and harmony has thus been a key focus and an important policy. Cerebos also creates opportunities for employees to contribute to society.

Since 2002, a comprehensive Quality Worklife Programme has been in place and we have achieved good success in terms of providing a flexible and nurturing workplace infrastructure and culture. Weekly, monthly and annual wellness initiatives and activities are continuously being organized by a committee comprising of representatives from all departments, to achieve these goals.

Unlocking Potential

In recognition, Cerebos was conferred the Work-Life Excellence Award by the Tripartite Committee on Work-Life Strategy and the Platinum Award at the Singapore HEALTH Award by the Health Promotion Board in 2012.

With our unstinting commitment to helping our employees to live, work and grow, in the company and in society, Cerebos’ objective is to unlock their potential and help them to achieve a meaningful and successful Work-Life. Cerebos is building a resilient and passionate team to take to the highest summits – to reach the Cerebos Aspiration 2020 Targets!